March Newsletter

Hi everyone!

February started out slow for the first week, but sales increased throughout the month and by month’s end dealers had sold 2.5 times their investment in display space!  We’ve seen sales of items priced in the $100.00 to $150.00 range increase, especially furniture.  We’ve also seen the average total sale increase.  One final indicator is that unlike January, most sales have been cash purchases.

All these indicate that tax refund “season” is upon us.  March enjoys 27 days open for business, five of which are Saturdays…by far the busiest day of the week for us.

Debi and I feel it is very likely we will see tremendous final sales figures for March.

At this time, selecting new dealers is suspended unless a dealer comes along with great experience and great product.  We will be offering expansion to our current dealers, certainly with open shelf units and likely a locking display case or two.  We do not have any open booths at this time but if any come open they will be offered to current dealers as well.  Please let us know ASAP if you desire to expand, offers will be extended on a first come/first serve basis.

We’ve finished bringing our own inventory from Rapatee to the store.  Some of it waits to be inventoried and priced.  We had a major hurdle to overcome when the computer at work died on us…but it has been replaced and all bookkeeping information is once again current. 

Cathy Trotter has agreed to help behind the sales counter a couple days each month.  She will be in the store with Debi this coming Sunday, and will watch the store on her own this coming Tuesday.  Debi and I will be attending a memorial service that day for my sister Betty, who passed away last week.

Everything from the new Web Store, to Debi’s new office, and many other projects, are still under “construction”.  We’re progressing as fast as we can, and we feel that “Spirit” is moving quickly in the right direction.

Sales for the first day of March, today, ended with dealers reaching 3x rent!  That is on a Thursday!  I (Dan) strongly urge our dealers to maintain your display space well this month…bring in new product, keep the displays looking good.  We’re going to see much product moving out the door this month…might as well do everything we can to make the most of it!

There is much more I could get into…but after lasts months “thesis” I’m determined to keep it short this month.  Thanks to all for the efforts in February…Dealer Appreciation night was fun for Debi and I, and we hope to do that sort of thing again…new antique stores are opening, or opened, or coming soon…to Pekin and we’re seeing great results already from cooperating with our neighbors.  We have enjoyed good comments regarding the new third room..and customers are finding us from the surrounding areas!

Again…March is going to be a blast!

Dan and Debi


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