My sister Betty has passed away.

Betty had been sick since Spring of 2011, not feeling like herself.  But she didn’t let on to many about just how ill she really was.  Her faith in God was very strong, and she chose to put her health in his hands.  She was busy promoting her knew book, “Is it yet Tomorrow?”, doing book signings while at the same time writing a sequel.

This past summer when Debi and I opened “Spirit of the Past Antiques” Betty traveled from her home in Michigan to join us, and support our efforts in every way she could.  She held a book signing, and lent her sparkle and spirit to the festivities.  I know she left an impression on many folks, Betty always did.  She had a true zest for life. 

I couldn’t tell how ill she was.  She never let on.  While she was visiting she took the chance to spend time with us, and our brothers Ernie and Del and some of their families.  She had a great time! 

Then by early fall, the cancer she had not let slow her down came expecting payment and when she finally sought treatment it was too late.  She’s been very, very ill the last four months and at 10:50 pm on 2/16/2012 she passed away.

It is perhaps evidence that when anyone is ill, they should not put off seeing a Doctor.  There is the perhaps…if sooner…if.  There is also though, so much of Betty….her way of living, making the most of each day as it came, always trying new things.  She couldn’t always allow herself to be distracted…and I say that she packed more into each day than most of us!

I’ll know more tomorrow about if there will be a funeral, or any other facts.  I do believe years ago she donated her body for research…so there might not be a funeral.  That is more evidence of Betty right there…she couldn’t imagine just laying around even after she passed away.

So, Betty is with God, and Lord…you best have a list of things to keep her busy or she’s going to come up with her own ideas!  I’ll miss you Betty until I see you again.  I love you.  Say Hi to Mom and Dad.



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