Nine days (open) into February

The start of the month was slow, dealer sales were down under 2x rent the first five days.  But the last four we’ve kicked it in strong and dealer sales for the month are now up to 2.5 times rent.  I was particularly happy that the last four days averaged 3.2 times rent.

One concern is that we have a month where some dealers are hot and others have barely sold at all.  But nine days is hardly a large enough sample to get any idea of trends.  As we saw today (over 6x rent) things can change in a blink of an eye.

Sixteen days to go…hopefully we’ll see the strong sales continue and we can get closer to, or perhaps pass for the first time, 3x rent.  I (Dan) think it is important to see a positive trend as rent investments are increasing in March. 

As to our own sales, the opening of the third room has gone better than expected, and we are very excited by our own numbers.  Debi and I have discussed the benefits to the dealers that this creates.  We can use rent to pay bills and what is left over can be used to advertise the store.  We want to open up our efforst to let Peoria know we are big enough to be worth a trip to Pekin.

Today, from 10:15 until after 4pm, we had many folks shopping.  The lot was very full, as were the aisles.  We’ve noticed a trend where the more people are in the store, the more likely every shopper is to purchase.  We wonder if shoppers kind of “feed” off each other. 

Anyway, this post seems all to “money” related and the most important thing was we saw many people having a good time.  Debi says the busier the store gets..the goofier I get.  I did notice most folks were laughig and enjoying the “show”.

We managed to conitnue to price Rapatee items…getting closer to the day we are done. 

Guess I’ll play a game of Risk against my arch enemy the computer and then get some sleep for tomorrow.  Sunday, Debi and Jaime will be running “Spirit”.  In the morning I’m cleaning out what will become Debi’s new office and then going out to do some marketing.


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