Charlie Chaplin’s "It’s a Dog’s Life"

AMC was running a Charlie Chaplin marathon tonight.  Debi and I caught all of “Modern Times”.  Towards the last half hour, her six year old grandson, Ethan, joined us and became quite interested in the movie.  I was impressed with how he caught onto the facial and body expressions…understanding the plot very well.  He asked why the movie was not in color.  We explained that it was very old, and movies used to be in black and white.  He asked about why there was no talking, we explained that old movies couldn’t record sound.  (“Modern Times did have sound, just not much more than background noises as that was Chaplin’s “thing”.)

Ethan laughed soundly at the right parts, and often expressed his own narative, “He told him to leave!”, stuff like that.”

I was fighting back tears of joy!  Here was a six year old enjoying a Chaplin flick…filmed in 1936!  I loved it.  When the film was finished, Ethan wandered off to do his own thing.  Debi and I were just so proud of him, and so happy to see something as classic as a Chaplin film could still captivate a child! 

Then, during a preview of the next film, “A Dog’s Life”, Ethan reappeared and asked, “Is there another one!?”

“A Dog’s Life” is a 1918 Chaplin short, just 30 minutes.  None of us had seen it before.  We three watched it start to finish.

(Chuckle) In this world of video games, “Star Wars”, and everything big…fantastic…amazing…it is so nice to see “The Little Tramp” come out from mothballs to capture the imagination of a child.  


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