Merry Christmas Everyone!

Getting ready to close the doors soon for Christmas.  Debi and I will be back at 10 am Tuesday morning.  Thanks to tremendous community support, we passed November today…having the best month of sales since we opened!

I’m torn between giving an end of the year speech now..or next week before New Years.  I guess I’ll wait until New Years Eve. 

Tonight my thoughts are of seeing family tomorrow, spending time with Debi and Jaime, and some wonderful holiday feasts!

Blessings for us this year have been many, and we thank the Lord that He has taken care of our health, our needs, and allowed us the chance to see so many “miracles”.  Everyday, another “miracle” walks into our lives.  And by that I mean the kind, friendly faces that enter “Spirit” and give us a reason to smile, laugh, and cheerfully enjoy our day.

People…….THANK YOU….I’ve never felt better about the world we live in then when I think about the souls we’ve met.

Merry Christmas, and God Bless you all!



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