"Gold Rush!"

I like to watch this show, “Gold Rush” on Friday nights.  Several guys down on their luck trying to strike it rich, literally, in the frozen tundra of Alaska!  Each week, it seems they are just about ready to start mining that precious yellow metal when some unforseen event (usually a mechanical breakdown) causes another delay in an already short season of mining.

Let’s see.  So far this season there have been:

House destroying floods in the hometown, requiring a halt to mining to try to “save” anything that didn’t float away.

Water pumps too full of mud to work properly, followed by the absence of the only mechanic in the crew capable of desiging a filter to cleanse the water.  His new lady interest, however; seemed to distract him enough that he didn’t care about finding gold.

Vehicles too wide for quickly constructed roads, dozers incapable of moving frozen ground, hills too steep to mine on, fits and starts to locate sutable claims, and then finding that part of the claim was mined already.

We had attempts to dig holes inside holes dug long ago, now clogged with old equipment.

We had squabbles, feuds, complaints, and demands to drill holes to make sure there was any gold to begin with.

I’m sure I’ve missed many.  For all this, so far from three mines, we’ve seen I think around 12 ounces of gold discovered!

So it has me thinking, what more could happen to our misfortunate gold diggers?  (Keep in mind, it is a tv show and there MUST be something by way of financial guarantees for being on the show…so it PROBABLY isn’t really a sink or swim thing.)

Anyway, my predictions of upcoming misfortunes:

Native American burial site.  After days of digging, an Native American mound is discovered….putting another hault to efforts to find gold!  Add to this, dinosaur bones, mysterious lost civilizations, and perhaps even an Egyptian Tomb (who knew Alaska could even have these!?!?)

Grizzly bears steal all the food…leaving the men starving, but unwilling to quit digging!

Or worse…the cameras freeze up and everyone is unemployed! :^(

Who knows…tonight, we’ll find out more…




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