Five sales days into the month…

…we are averaging just over 3 times dealer sales to rent!  Now, the Christmas shopping season has much to do with these fantastic sales figures, so I caution that after the next two 1/2 weeks we’ll likely see a big drop off.

The best news is, as always, folks continue to find the store…and come back…and tell their friends and family members….and they come in to shop.

Debi and I are not getting much done by way of the Web Store, we’re trying.  Once it is established, maintaining it will not be as difficult.   

We rented two more shelving units today.  I’ve lost track of how many we’ve got left.   

I received good news from one of our advertising reps who met with the owner of the new antique mall on Derby.  They are interested in working with us to refer customers to each location.  I was so very pleased to hear this, and hope to meet with them soon myself to establish a trade of fliers, etc.  Having a second quality mall in Pekin is great!  I’m hoping to combine some efforts with them to let people in Peoria know that this town of ours is fast becoming a great location to hunt for those speical treasures that can only be found in antique stores!



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