Great day off!

Sometimes we have to step away from the store for a day or two, just to recharge.  Although we have many projects to complete, and the end of the month bookwork is approaching, we felt today was a good day to relax and take a drive.

Now, as folks know, we started out as antique “enthusiasts”, mostly just refurnishing our 100 year old home with items appropriate to the time period it was built.  We used to enjoy traveling the state, and bordering states, visiting antique stores and shopping for those special things that we felt would fit into our home.  We’ve missed those trips.

So, today, we just took off and went shopping.  I can’t say where, because we plan to go back, but we found ourselves in an antique store owned by a wonderful gentleman in his later years who is planning to retire soon.  I mentioned to him that we had just opened a store in Pekin, and next thing we knew…we were dashing to an ATM and our “day off” had turned into a true “picking” experience!

This kind man offered us some excellent investments, encouragement, and shared some of his experiences with us.  I cannot claim that a guiding hand led us to his STORE, as I have not asked our Father for financial help in our endeavours…but I have asked Him to guide our direction regarding our morals and ethics.  I do believe He led us to this MAN who happened to be a Preacher, and was obviously a man of high ethical standards!  It was great to see a man of such character had done well in the antique trade.

It was a wonderful shopping experience, and we will soon be offering some outstanding new products including a little bit of Canton, Il history…chicken bone porcelain…many things that customers have been asking us to locate.  We also have some great primitives, and even a little “advertising” including a 1960’s “Nestle’s Cocoa” package (a bank).  A total of 26 things…folks will just have to stop in to check them out. 

For our home (which was the intent after all) we found a great oil lamp, very ornate diamond pattern Depression Glass…not sure the maker.  Folks who have shopped “Spirit” will be surprised to know this is the first oil lamp we have kept for our home. :^)

Mostly though, what made the day so wonderful was meeting our new friend.  I tell ya….if I can make my customers in “Spirit” feel as great as he made us feel….if I can behave with the honesty and caring he displayed….I’ll be doing my job!




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