Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!!

I’m so excited to see what records we break this weekend!!!!  Mostly, I’m hopeful that we have some special treasures waiting for just the right people!  I love it when someone has that “Oh!!!  Oh!!!  There it is!!!!”, moment.

We should have our Gift Certificates ready to go in the morning.  That should help the folks doing Christmas shopping. 

The store has had some new people rent display space…and many dealers have stocked up recently.  It’s a great weekend to get in and see what is on display.

On another note….I don’t know what is up with me, but my old battle wounds like the bad hip from getting rear-ended by a semi, the bad knees from wear and tear, the hands..worn out from working physical labor, and many other parts of me just sort of run down…have all decided to hurt at the same time.  I took some medicine (probably shouldn’t do this) that Debi takes for a bad back…and I’m kind of loopy right now.  But I don’t hurt so bad. 

Oh, and I found an old Marx toy tractor on Ebay….from a guy in Peoria selling it, and I think I won the bid!  It is not in the greatest shape…but it is really cool looking.  I liked it because it’s just about as old as I am…and though it has it’s own rough parts it is still running.  I should have it in the store soon.   


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