Watching "The Walking Dead" recently…random thoughts

I thought the title was about Debi and I in the store last Sunday.  We were seriously tired and hurting.

Of course, “The Walking Dead” is a television series on AMC on Sunday nights.  Debi and I love it.  I have been a “zombie” fan since even before the original “Night of the Living Dead” by George Romero.  He, of course, put the stamp on what it means to be zombie!

Sure, “28 Days Later” added the ability to run to our ghoulish friends, family and neighbors that have recently passed or been bitten by a zombie and thus been intiated into the zombie ranks.  But aside this recent change in the world of the zombie…Romero will always be (to me) the mind behind our mindless, hungry, villains/heros. (Depends on which side you are on.)

So why do I like zombies?  They are the bluecoller, everyday, average monster/creature…the everyguy of the horror type beasties!  Vampires?  So elitist!  I mean…they bite someone for food..only occasionally chosing to actually add an additional vampire to their ranks.  They often “dress” for dinner…and even have that “eurocentric” attitude!  Aliens?  Too much technology, and other than the general feel that the Martians from “War of the Worlds” were really working for a galactic “Terminex”…I’ve never understood the draw that we of earth would hold for such advanced creatures.

Nah…give me the everyday zombie who could be anybody…seeking to eat anybody…and add anybody to the “club”.  And, I like that “running” (to some extent) has been part of the zombie’s ability in “The Walking Dead”, though as the title indicates it is more like fast walking.

So, I’ve thought, how about something else.  Let’s face it…zombies think, a little.  They eat, which means they must also ummmm, poop, right?  They can see, hear, smell…they appear curious.  But I’ve wondered if since we are expected to belive they are DEAD…why can’t the humans amongst them simply hide out and wait a few months until all the zombies rot away?  And that leads to my idea…perhaps, instead of falling to pieces…could zombies actually enjoy the ability to HEAL?  I mean, not like they get perfectly healthy…ya know, more like the more they eat, the healthier they get?  Last week Bert the zombie had a limp…he eats Aunt Martha and this week he’s jogging like a champ!

Maybe even their “thought” process could improve?  “Hey!  Bert’s chewing on Uncle Herb’s leg while he’s driving Herb’s Cadillac!”

It’s a direction I can only imagine as I watch “The Walking Dead”…and sometimes, yeah…I’m kinda on “their” side.  Depends on who they want to gnaw on at the moment.

I can imagine the “zombie” theme song goes something like, “…wouldn’t you give your hand to a friend?  Think of me as a friend…”

Good night all.  See some of you in the store tomorrow.



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