We’ve not come close to hitting our stride!

Saturday, “Spirit of the Past Antiques” enjoyed it’s busiest day since the Grand Opening weekend!  In fact, it was our second busiest day ever!

Some of my (Dan) observations:

We picked up several more “regulars” recently.  That is, folks who found our store and have expressed certainty that they will return.  These included some from out of state that travel to find antiques and vintage items for their own collections or for specialized resale outlets of their own! 

Comments about the store continue to be VERY favorable.

Folks who have been shopping repeatedly practically overwhelmed me on Saturday.  What was great, is our dealers have stepped up efforts to stock their display areas and we had many items new to the store for them to see!

Now, I’ve mentioned in the last few blog entries our marketing efforts, including new signage, promotions, advertising and the like.  MOST of these haven’t even taken place.  The sign should be “hopefully” a week away.  The other events begin on the 10th and continue throughout the month.

People are liking us, and liking what they find.  That is the result of a solid group effort.  I can’t think of a good way to express how lucky Debi and I are to have so much help in the store.

As mentioned…Debi is coming on board full-time very soon.  She has made great efforts to get the Web Store ready…tomorrow I plan to take pictures of over 70 of our own items to “experiment” with to get the new online store going.  It won’t take lone to get this available to our dealers.  We’ve researched the potential and we think an online store can increase our inventory turn quite well.

Now, I make no claim that Debi and I are going to get “rich” with “Spirit of the Past Antiques”, and that is not our intent.  But since the first full month we have been making expenses and some extra, which we have invested right back into “Spirit”.  We’ve lowered some display space prices to make sure the store fills up as fast as possible.  It would be reasonable to expect that someday in the long run we’ll have to raise prices back up to where we’d budgeted them.  But, we’ll make sure we get our dealers well established and successful before that day.

We’ve some shelf space still available, many cases, and someday when I’m done “playing” with my booth I’ll let it go to a dealer as well.  (We’ve had a store almost five months..and yet I’ve never had a booth of my own.  I took an opportunity to enjoy one and get the experience of setting it up…stocking it…just, seeing what it is like.  It was hard to get as much inventory in it as it takes to make it successful…so far, I still like the shelves better.  But, it is a good learning experience.)

Thanks to Saturday November is off to a great start.  I’m also remembering that the store is about having fun (Hence the booth…spent money by not offering it to all the folks on our waiting list…just to play around.)

I think I’ll keep it until December and then put it up for grabs.  I’m keeping track of what I sell out of it…and I’m halfway to rent already!  There might be a future for me as a dealer yet!  (Just kidding…not for more than fun…renting space and helping dealers sell is what I want to do for a living. 

Besides, in a month my attention will likely be on marketing the Web Store.

Rattled on and on again.  Figures. :^)



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