This ghost town of a blog will soon have a new purpose!

As mentioned, with Debi starting full-time in the store in less than two weeks..we are going to be able to take the next steps in building, “Spirit of the Past Antiques” into a pretty neat little place.

By adding the Web Store, we’ll be able to offer products nationwide!  We’ve found a source of advertising which promises to help both the web sales AND bring traffic to the store.  Infact, as we’ve researched…we’ve discovered there isn’t much we can do which won’t help both!

We’re finding out that we can either keep trying to grow in physical size and stay only a brick and mortar, which if we do that we start thinning the services we can offer to our vendors just because of the shear volume of work it will create, OR we can go the web store route…provide premium services to a smaller, select, group of dealers.

The one thing that I’ve honestly hated since opening “Spirit” a short four and change months ago is watching some of our dealers struggle to make decent sales.  Sure, if we take in rent it doesn’t matter to us….does it…yeah, it does, big time.  We know from what we’ve observed that many dealers have done very well…what we want to provide, is the kind of services that maximizes sales, for our dealers and ourselves.

As to the “title”….I suspect this blog could become a place where dealers and customers can leave comments.  I’m putting up an example of what I mean..check out the “Customer Wants to Buy Page”.


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