Haven’t posted in a bit.

We’ve been busy with several projects.  But instead of talking about the store, I have something else on my mind.  Today, now, the visitation and funeral for a very special person is taking place.  For such a small store, our dealers have seen their share of loss lately.  A father of one of our dealers, a mother of another dealer, and now two of our dealers, a brother and sister, have lost their mother as well.

As much as I wanted to attend the funeral, I’m caught trying to run the store as Debi could not take the day off.  This person was someone we were blessed to have come to know over the past four months.  She was someone we enjoyed knowing and we will miss her.  But we were so fortunate to know her.

You know, I have always had an admiration for the past…the way things were made, the way things were done, and the society which was built that was the foundation for the way we live today.  I wish there was a way to return entirely to that foundation, but realize that between television, computers, the internet, we have kind of technologically defeated the fabrics of a world where folks saw each other everyday, worked together, and knew each other as friends, neighbors….family.

The great family get togethers are all but gone.  Remember block parties?  Social organizations such as Moose Clubs, Elks, held an important place in the culture…although they are still around, have you looked at the age of the members lately?

Where we are heading is kind of scary.  Every man for himself?  So we’ve lost most of the small stores, the small towns have few businesses left at all.  We’ve lost touch with each other!

In this world, it is natural for me to be drawn to old things…as such I sit in “Spirit of the Past Antiques” surrounded by memories.  And here I am thinking about the most precious things from the past that we have…and are losing it seems at such a rapid pace…and that is our elders.

I hope we all realize how much they’ve tried to leave us.  As Tom Brokaw wrote, “The Greatest Generation”, about those that battled the Depression, fought our largest war, and put together a powerful economy and nation…anyway, as he recalled that generation, I guess I wish I could invoke the same respect for our most experienced citizens who later added to the countries might by standing up to foreign powers…sent a man to the moon, and spread civil rights across the country.

What are we, after all, if not the shadows of the folks who brought us into the world?  We are what they left behind.  And, before we lose them all, I hope we find ways to express our gratitude. 

I lost my Dad in 1993.  I lost my Mom in 2001.  My oldest sibling is fighting for her own life…they give her a 30% chance to recover. I lost a friend this week.  All taken, or battling to delay being taken, by the natural journey of time.

These old things, in here, these antiques…I admire them for lasting so many years.  But, wouldn’t it be great to give them up if I could, to trade them to give the most important old things more time with all of us?




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