Back to work

My thanks to those folks who have expressed concern and have said a prayer for my sister Betty.  I saw her in Michigan this weekend.  She has forth stage Lymphoma and is also suffering complications from severe pulminary lung disease.  The honest truth is she will not get well, and her time is likely short.  It could be a few days or a few months.  Betty is hospitalized and they are trying to stabalize her, her white blood cell count was extremely low and they gave her a transfusion which brought the count back up.  But the therapy she receives to kill the cancer cells also kills good cells, and she is not producing enough white blood cells on her own.

Once stabalized, they will put her in a care facility.  At that time if anyone wants her address just ask and I’ll have it.

I’m returning to the store today.  Debi worked it this weekend, it was very slow but our sales for the month remain quite good.  We’re going to have a great month at the store.

I have many projects which I need to catch up on.  Today I’ll assess my priorities and get started. 


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