Starting a new facebook ad!

Thanks to Debi we have a facebook ad going out in Pekin and Peoria.  This is her project, so I don’t know the details.  But I’m excited to see what results it brings.

Sales have picked up again, and we just might have our best month yet.  It will be close.  But then, it could be our worst full month as well as they have all been pretty equal.  The trend tells me that it will be a good ending to the month and I’m getting so pumped for October through December when I think we’ll do some great business!

It is hard to believe the store is just over 3 months old.  We’ve learned so much already.  I still feel like staying open all the time.  Debi and I work about twelve hours a day…but we love it.  I can’t wait until she can come on full time.

It has been quite the ride, and after we have established ourselves long enough to prove ourselves to the doubters, I think I’ll write a book…”New Car, or a Small Business?  How to Open and Operate a successful Antique Mall”.  (Of course we’ve got to prove ourselves first!  So far, so good!”


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