Spoke too soon!

“Sales for the first five days of September have been great!  I believe we are hitting our stride…”

Pride goeth before the fall.

What a letdown Marigold Festival was, and as someone said, Fall property taxes were due the 15th.  Sales dropped very low, and have just the past two days begun to pick up again.  Overall for the month we are still even with last month’s sales.  But before I say something stupid and jinx things…let’s say I’m CAUTIOUSLY optimistic that we’ve jumped another hurdle.

Debi and I are discussing a couple options to promote store sales in the short and long term. 

To use sports terms….we’re still leading by 2 touchdowns, but have been sacked and it’s 2nd and long.  If tomorrow doesn’t produce enough yardage…we’ve a trick play or two to try on third down.


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