Adding prices to the website photos

I have completed the first gallery, working on the second.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a good chunk finished.

When completed I’m going to turn my attention to adding still more pictures of “Spirit of the Past Antiques” inventory….both our own and our dealers of course.

I think I’ll set up a system of removing items which sell on a daily basis, and updting the site on a weekly basis. 

On another note, I am very unhappy with sales the past week.  We started the month with five great days, and since then have been very slow.  I supposed the Marigold Festival would be a boost…but it turned out to be a bust.  Thank goodness I was at the Pekin Bottle Club show!  Sunday when Debi openned the store, she enjoyed a rush of traffic from folks that came directly from the show to our store.

We are ahead of last month, regarding sales.  And I guess that is a good thing, but folks who know me know I’m never satsified.  Our own personal sales are very high…not worried about that.  Would just like to see some dealers take off, some are lagging again.  It’s the same old folks who take care of their retail space are doing well, folks that don’t are hurting.


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