Spoon River Drive

Spoon River Drive starts this coming weekend!  “Spirit of the Past Antiques” is located in Pekin at the corner of Highways 29 and 9 (215 N 5th St.).  We’re right on the way to Spoon River and invite travelers to stop in and view the thousands of antique and vintage items we have in the store! 

Visit our website www.spiritofthepastantiques.com for a preview of over 150 of the special treasures that await!

Our prices do not “inflate” during Spoon River.  We have ample parking and an easy, comfortable shopping experience indoors!


Starting a new facebook ad!

Thanks to Debi we have a facebook ad going out in Pekin and Peoria.  This is her project, so I don’t know the details.  But I’m excited to see what results it brings.

Sales have picked up again, and we just might have our best month yet.  It will be close.  But then, it could be our worst full month as well as they have all been pretty equal.  The trend tells me that it will be a good ending to the month and I’m getting so pumped for October through December when I think we’ll do some great business!

It is hard to believe the store is just over 3 months old.  We’ve learned so much already.  I still feel like staying open all the time.  Debi and I work about twelve hours a day…but we love it.  I can’t wait until she can come on full time.

It has been quite the ride, and after we have established ourselves long enough to prove ourselves to the doubters, I think I’ll write a book…”New Car, or a Small Business?  How to Open and Operate a successful Antique Mall”.  (Of course we’ve got to prove ourselves first!  So far, so good!”

I’d like to welcome new folks reading the blog!

I just finished putting hundreds of fliers in dozens of area hotels/motels.  It did my heart good to see so many cars from many parts of the country today! 

It’s great to have so many folks visiting the Peoria/Pekin area, and I hope as they/you read the blog, and visit the website, that we have exhibited the kind of experience you can expect at “Spirit of the Past Antiques!  We are new, we are learning, and hopefully the many kind comments we’ve received from our customers will translate well into a great experience for our future shoppers!

If you’ve found the blog first, please visit www.spiritofthepastantiques.com for a great preview in pictues of the thousands of antique and vintage items awaiting your viewing at the store.

Thank you, welcome, and looking forward to seeing you!

Dan and Debi Bruns

Please keep my sister Betty in your prayers.

She is in intensive care, battling several illnesses.  Some shoppers may recall Betty, she came down from Michigan for our grand openning to sign copies of her book, “Is it Yet Tomorrow”.  We’ve finally managed to track down the hospital she is in, and it sounds like she is not in a life or death situation at thsi moment…but her husband is deaf, she can’t communicate due to the breathing equipment…and the hospital is unable without her permission to give many details.  So obviously we are in the dark a bit.  We still don’t know the results of some tests…and we are quite worried.

Just say a word to the Man Above about her, please.


Spoke too soon!

“Sales for the first five days of September have been great!  I believe we are hitting our stride…”

Pride goeth before the fall.

What a letdown Marigold Festival was, and as someone said, Fall property taxes were due the 15th.  Sales dropped very low, and have just the past two days begun to pick up again.  Overall for the month we are still even with last month’s sales.  But before I say something stupid and jinx things…let’s say I’m CAUTIOUSLY optimistic that we’ve jumped another hurdle.

Debi and I are discussing a couple options to promote store sales in the short and long term. 

To use sports terms….we’re still leading by 2 touchdowns, but have been sacked and it’s 2nd and long.  If tomorrow doesn’t produce enough yardage…we’ve a trick play or two to try on third down.

Happy Birthday to Debi Bruns!

It came on a good day as she has Friday off and will be in the store tomorrow.  Debi is much like I am, we can’t get enough of this place.

Our 5th anniversay is coming up in October.  We met in early 2006.  So, in a way we’re still newly weds.  But, in the five years I’ve known her I’ve come to understand she is someone who enjoys life…laughs easilly and often…and honestly cares about the people around her.

May she have many, many more birthdays and never lose the enjoyment she gets from life.  It doesn’t take much to make her happy….and she trully appreciates the good things that come her way.  I know I’m lucky to have her in my life…and I believe that is true of just about everyone she meets.