An old friend stopping by tomorrow!

Folks who knew me (Dan), us (Debi and I), well..folks who knew us before we opened “Spirit of the Past Antiques” know how proud we were of researching local history and ancestry and stuff like that.  We’ve got a little collection of “Circleville” relics in the living room and I can tell stories about Wyllis Cooper (my personal hometown hero…yeah I call Pekin my adopted hometown..get to know it, really know it, it’s a nice place.) anyway people who knew Debi and I before we started the store know we liked trying to help out the Tazewell County Museum and Educational Center when we could.

We gave them some Circleville stuff…and I donated my research on Wyllis Cooper…we were helping with their research on War of 1812 veterans when starting “Spirit of the Past Antiques” took all our time and we had to drop our offer of help.

But we wanted to stay involved.  So once a month we hold a silent auction at the store and donate the proceeds to the museum’s building fund.  If it helps them get a home to display their items…let the kids in the county learn a little history…that’s all we want out of it.

But, sometimes things come back in a good way!  Museum volunteers and the Director are stopping by tomorrow and are going to interview me, take a picture of me handing a proceeds check to the Director…and do a little piece on us for their website.  There is a chance it could make the local paper!  Keep your fingers crossed.  I wouldn’t mind free publicity!

Make it to the paper or not…it is nice to have a friend in the museum.  It doesn’t hurt a bit to stay involved in the community.


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