The Pekin Bottle Club

I went to their monthly meeting tonight, and was very impressed with the presentations and organization.  I noticed that many people in attendence (25 were there) have been customers in the store.  As one important aspect of starting “Spirit of the Past Antiques” was to be involved in the community, it was a no-brainer to me to go ahead and join the club.

I’m sure I will learn a great deal about antiques from going to the meetings.  We have a couple of dealers in the store who are members…one was at the meeting tonight and made me feel right at home!  Everett, by the way, is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  At the end of the meeting I mentioned being excited to learn about antiques and he responded, “I’ll teach you what I know.” 

Now, are there words to describe how great that made me feel?  I can’t think of any.  I wish about 1000 people would read this…..SOMEONE whatever higher power you want to call it…has been looking out for Debi and I since we started this venture.  And there are several people…Everett, Cathy, Mike…not going to name them all but SEVERAL, that I suspect are hiding their wings (angels). 

I’m undeserving of the kind of support I’ve received.  But I hope the small difference I can make..through the efforts that sometimes feel heavy upon my back…are enough to make positive results in the successes of these kind folk.  I know I will do everything I can…and still not be able to do what they’ve done for me, for my confidence in humanity…for my joy in being around them.

Oh, and, I signed us up to have two tables on Sept. 11th at the bottle clubs annual show.  Debi will watch the store while I promote the store from the show!  I think I’ll take the “coolest” stuff we have…not concerned with selling, just with making a good impression.


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