The month is half over as far as business days are concerned!

26 business days (open for business) in August.  Tonight at 7pm marks the helfway point.  I was seriously concerned with sales before the month started as we are new, August is traditionally a slow month, and I’m a big worry wart!

We have achieved my goal for where we should be already…and are a little ahead of it.  I’m told we’ll be busier when the kids are back in school.  If so, this month could turn out to be a good month.  Not bad as I had predicted, not decent as I had hoped, but good!

People continue to comment on how nice the store is, and how great the products are!  I owe so much to our dealers who have worked hard to bring in some great items!

The one hard part is approaching though, and that is the few dealers who haven’t had very good sales.  Although I can point to the overall picture and honestly say the opportunities have been there…it still is hard to not see everyone do well.  I hope that in  the next week some folks will catch fire…but can’t think of a thing to do beyond the efforts we are making to help them.

Is it a coincidence?  Is it prices?  Is it product?  I do know that it is the dealers who have been consistently in the store and changed up product, cleaned up their sales areas, and been involved just generally that are doing well.  I’ve taken it upon myself to do some resets…but that’s about all I can help with.

Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone.  The store as a whole is doing well and Debi and I are at a point where we COULD start taking some cash home now and then…but we won’t.  We’re letting it build up and putting it back in the store as we think of new things that could improve the look.

If the store were clay, I would say we have just about finished molding it…just a few tweaks left here or there, at most.



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