Was there a full moon out, today?

Sometimes one can see the moon, even in the daytime.  Light catches it just right or something, I don’t know.  But the reason I’m wondering is because it just seemed most of the folks I encountered were “struggling” a bit…including me.  Chemistry my head wasn’t quite balanced.

I had an argument with the landlord, he and I kind of bounce heads now and then.  Different kind of people I guess.  Truth is, he’s an alright guy..and means well, we just don’t “get” each other.  The worst thing about it was I had just helped a very nice person set up her shelf…new to the store..and the impression she must have gotten about me couldn’t have been a good one.

Not that I’m worried about what people think of me, I’m long since past needing “approval” from anyone…I just go about doing things as best I can and usually the dice fall pretty good.  But what should have been a good experience for her couldn’t have been as nice as it could have.  And for that I am ashamed. 

You know, you can’t turn back the clock and change things…but when I see her again I will apologize for my part in the “dispute” and try to make the best of things.

Meanwhile, while that and other experiences lead me to believe that just about everyone was having it tough…for some reason, I also cost myself the chance to rejoice in the huge pick up in rentals!  I believe we have up to five more shelf units being taken this week, along with a peg board wall and a couple shelves in a display case!

If this happens, the store will be pretty much half full of intended rentals.  (Our items take up space as well, so we “look” more like 70% full.)  I didn’t think we could grow this quickly!  Sales are down the first two days in August though.  What we could use is for the extra sign we ordered to show up so we can draw more attention to the store. 

Alot going on.  Should get to bed.  I believe our “Kramer” products will arrive tomorrow, and suspect it will be another busy “vendor” day with people setting up.   


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