So we complete our first full month tomorrow

I can’t begin to express how excited I am!  Most of our dealers have done very well, and no one has not seen at least some movement of their product.  I am preparing the “newsletter”, where I will hilite many changes (for the good) coming in August for the store (supposed to put that in here once in awhile)  We’re further along at this point than I had hoped!

The only worry I have, is how to express my concern for the few who have not caught fire just yet.  Because the store is supposed to be about more than just making money for Debi and I, we set up the lease so that a dealer with slow sales could “catch up” on a following month without shelling out another month’s rent.  But, I do want to let one or two know that if they continue to lag…it may mean that either they change their “tactics”, or perhaps give it up at the end of August.

While were doing everything possible to build up a solid customer base as quick as we can, we are still new…August is (reputably) a slow month…and I am a bit concerned it may be tough to match July’s figures.  I suspect those that did very well will weather the month just fine…but those who have just managed some sales are likely going to be in a bit of trouble.

I do not relish the thought of counseling anyone to give it up.  But if it comes to that I will.  We’re a strong store, and have seen too many do well, how does one kindly tell someone they might just not have the product, the time, or the knack, to be a succesful dealer?  I don’t like this part of running the store…but it is for everyone’s good, those that succeed, and those that don’t.


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