Three new booths being stocked in August!

We have two dealers expanding and one new dealer moving in!  I just spent six hours remodeling to add two new booths.  As mentioned in a previous note…we now have ten!  All are rented.  I don’t have a clue how I could make another booth in the folks will have to live with shelves.

Honestly, Debi and I don’t even have a booth, we rely on the shelves for our sales and we’re doing fine!  We love the flexability of the units, adjusting them to fit our product.  But then, we don’t sell big items so the shelves are a great fit for us.

Speaking of a great fit.  Check this out we are now the areas special dealer of Kramer Antique Restorer!!!!  They have rented display space and NOW..NOW…seriously NOW, antique buyers can make those special purchases look amazing!  Please go to the site…you won’t believe your eyes!

That’s the Spirit!!!!!



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