American Pickers!

Just a little test.  Something tells me if I put a well known name in the title section I’ll attract attention.

The real reason I’ve called you all here, is to tell you about “Spirit of the Past Antiques”.  We are just a little antique mall in Pekin, Illinois.  I’m told, we are a pretty neat store!  Please visit our website at for more information.

We just had two of our dealers expand!  We now have TEN booths, well, tomorrow we have TEN booths, right now I have the job to put together two more to go along with our existing eight booths..making the total TEN!

We also have forty shelf units and twelve locking display cases.  Not all of those are rented yet, but we have TEN booths rented!

Please visit the store, 215 N 5th street in Pekn, Illinois.  We are open 10-7 Tue-Sat and 12-5 Sunday!  We have TEN booths!  Someday, we will add a new addition onto our store…perhaps this fall, and we will have more than TEN booths!

Did I say we have TEN booths?  All rented.  Lots of neat stuff to buy!  And I’m told it is a very neat store.  I need to vacuum the floor tomorrow as well. 


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