Just concluded our live web chat!

I know, I should have posted about it on the blog…but I forgot.  If you missed it, we’re going to eventually have a copy on http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/

Thanks to the delightful interviewing skills of our vendor Cathy…the show went great!  Debi and I couldn’t be more thirlled about getting the word out about the store.  And I think the community of dealers are very lucky to have someone like Cathy stepping up for everyone! 

What touched me most, is when Cathy said she doesn’t get a feeling of “competition” at “Spirit of the Past Antiques”, it seems everyone is working together.  She is right!  We don’t have a single vendor who is only looking our for themselves.

Now for the good news…I know when I’ve stuck my face in front of people long enough.  There was talk of continuing conversations from the store…and I’m for that, but I’m no expert and I feel other dealers should have a chance to have some “face time”.  If we continue these, I invite any dealer interested to join the fun…and I will keep the lights on and hang out any night to help do these chats…but I am retiring from the internet spotlight.

I need to focus my barley controlled manic mania on face to face sales and keeping the effort to expand the information about the store going.  And it is the dealers who know their products!  After all, I can claim to have carefully laid out the floorplan along with Debi..but what is a shelf without something on it?

I think I’ll expand on some of my thoughts about the “Community of Vendors” in the monthly “Spirit of the Past Antiques” news letter…let’s do something special with this…those that have the time.  Maybe iantiques will want to stay involved, or maybe we’ll just make our own “specials” and put them up on the website?

Debi and I will be considering some ideas and passing them on.



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