I love this store!

Things are going really, really well.  We are at the point on the 20th that almost every single vendor has long since sold enough to make August rent and then well beyond.  Just a couple out of 20 that are lagging a little.  And each of them sold more today!

We are making expenses, and honestly selling enough of our own product to wish we could stock the whole store ourselves.  (Which would be selfish and stupid.)  The truth is, what matters is that we continue to have good inventory turn, or at least see things that have sat be taken out in favor of different product.

Hmmm…I thought July was supposed to be a hard month?  BUT, now that I’ve bragged.  I believe August is going to be a tough month.  We won’t have the great opening day weekend, and with the heat and garage sales going on I suspect it will be harder for everyone to do well.  I’ll have to work hard to keep customers coming in.

We’re losing (temporary) our estate sale lady who rented a peg board and shelf unit.  She doesn’t do sales in  August, but she’ll be back in September and probably October.  Our total rentals have gone up in July and I see no reason to believe that trend will change.  We aren’t growing as fast as I’d like, but that…like everything…is pretty much because I have high expectations.

Had a grouchy guy come in today and tell me we’ll never make it.  The town is crummy, antiques are crummy, people are crummy….he said he tried a store like this years ago and it failed.  I just told him it takes someone who is good with people.  :^)  OK…maybe I shouldn’t have done that.  But I couldn’t help myself.

DESPITE what some have said about Pekin (it’s own people) we have had nothing but great support from the community, and heard so many best wishes and good lucks…it just touches our hearts!  By the looks of things…if July is a tough month, the way it’s turning out…we’re in great shape.  Just have to get through August to expect the traditionally better sales months ( four in a row!).

Some great news…Debi is going down to four days a week at her job!  This frees us up an extra day for someone to do the face to face public work that I’ve been trying to do on our one day closed a week.  I can feel myself getting a little tired, and look forward to the help.

More great news, my step-daughter Jaime is seriously going to try “picking” and setting up her own display in the store.  What a great lesson it will be for her!  And, I think she’ll have fun.  I wish more kids had a chance like this as Jaime is going to see what goes on behind the products she buys in any store, the buying, pricing, stocking…slow sales, hot sales…unexpected expenses.  Wonderful learning tool.

Well, I’ve got to make some sales regarding offers made by customers to vendors.  not many reading the blog, but hello to those who do!

Dan http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/  


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