Hello to all those from Peoria.Com!

Welcome, enjoy, perhaps enjoy..who knows, but welcome.

I just enjoyed my visit from ChefKevin.  Not to insult him but by his description of the kind of items that interest him…he reminds me of me.  Unusual, things that catch the eye.  I’m going to return the favor of his stopping in and catch a meal at his location.  Looking forward to it.

I mentioned to him that he could write a review of the store if he wishes.  Hope he does so as good or bad, I’d love suggestions.

Anyway, I feel a little guilty about “soliciting” on Peoria.com, and I had cut myself off…until this morning when I went in to read and there was this little computer generated sign saying, “Post…Post…POST!”, so I did.  Bwaa hahaha.

Thank you all so much for visiting my website and you are all of course invited to visit “Spirit of the Past Antiques”. 

Read the blog…if you dare.  Many thoughts are kind of disjointed…nothing too worthwhile..leave comments if you choose.  Be a “follower”, what a dumb word.



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