New show coming to the "Lifetime" channel

“Sister Pickers”.  I caught an ad for it during “American Pickers” tonight.  It seems to be a similar premise, except in this case, as the title suggests, the pickers happen to be sisters.  That seems like throwing a new shoe on the horse and calling it a zebra.  (I like making up my own expressions)

Seriously, the interest in antiquing, collecting, treasure hunting, is certainly high.  Being the oddball that I am, I have always been sort of a strange type of “picker”.  As a kid, I loved searching old barns, old houses…always had an interest in archaeology and practised my own “digs” in the town dump from time to time.  I lost fishing poles to large fish while being too interested in searching the banks for old lures or other such lost artifacts.

I’ve tried my hand at metal detecting.  Volunteered to help on three achaeological digs.  Most recently I combined my interest in finding stuff with Debi’s interest in ancestry..and for two summers we searched the farm fields where a town of 400 persons  (including relatives) once stood.  I then simultaniously turned my attention for a couple months on finding the location of her GGG Granddad’s mill on the Mackinaw from the 1840’s  (I believe I found a surviving piece of the sluice from the mill..but not certain, it resides in our basement.)

I never ended up with sheds of finds out back, or a house crammed full of stuff.  Just many fond memories and a few very personal relics.  Our home is not a collectors dream, but we have our share of antiques we’ve acquired slowly…for use or for display.  Yeah, I guess I’ve sort of been a picker but not the type on television.  It’s kind of fitting I’d rather run the store than be out everyday looking for treasure…and keep my own searches “part-time”.

It is fortunate than that interest in picking, ie antique dealing, is so high.

Anyway, on the subject of pickers and television shows.  I’ve had some ideas.  How about shows like:

Picker Survivors:  Contestants are placed in the wilderness, where their negotiation skills are tested as they each have some items of value…such as food, shelter, water….which Pickers will survive, which will not?

The Picker Bachelor:  Traveling from town to town the bachelor picks his way among single women looking to get the best bride for the money (or is that even legal?).

The Picker Golf Pro-Am:  Described simply, “Hey!  That guy just picked up my ball!  Come back with that!  Hey!  HEY!”

“Magyvpicker”:  a secret agent has a talent for using paper clips, rubber bands, duct tape, and various cleaning supplies to make amazing, life saving, gadgets.  Oddly enough, he never carries the stuff on him but “buys it” as needed from the very villains he confronts!

So then, to end this installment, as I retire for the night I do so with the thought that Mr. Haney from “Green Acres” would make us all look amaturistic, silly, and negotiate us into the poor house.


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