So much for high expectations :(

Very slow the last two days.  Not sure why as after last weekend I expected much more traffic.  It wasn’t so much we didn’t have shoppers, as we didn’t have much in the way of sales.

I know of course this is a public “blog”, but I’d rather say honestly that I’m dissappointed than put some false spin on a couple of slow days.  Debi and I will pay attention to traffic the next few days, and consider what made us start out like a rocket on opening weekend, and fizzle out a week later.

I know one thing that helps is people are talking about us.  Word of mouth is getting our name out.  Hmmmm,  maybe we drew most in right away with our advertising?  We’ll figure it out.



2 thoughts on “So much for high expectations :(

  1. Have you thought about running an ad of Facebook? They have an option for you to choose the demographic that will see it. Also (and maybe you're already doing this) fliers are a great idea. I wouldn't have known about your store or the vendor opportunities had I not seen your flier at the Casey's in Minier.

  2. Thanks Sandra, I'll check on the Facebook idea..thanks! We are preparing flyers to take to all the hotels/motels in the Pekin/Peoria area as well. (We've found many an antique store ourselves like this when we travel)Any ideas are helpful. I checked some antique stores in the area..and sales were down everywhere. But I see it as an opportunity to try many avenues of "advertising", and find out what shakes the apples loose when the tree doesn't want to give them up.

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