OK, I think we’ve got our answer to the slow sales

The Heart of Illinois Fair started Friday in Peoria.  A quick glance at attendance figures, and what I found was in 2006 they had over 200,000 people show up at the fair.

In Pekin, we’re a spoke of Peoria and it isn’t surprising now, looking back on it, that the customers we’ve had have been quick lookers and non-buyers.  Especially if, being on Routes 9 and 29, we are a stop on the way to the fair? 

More evidence that the fair may be behind our slow days, I just took a quick drive around Pekin, and the whole town looks dead.  People went somewhere.

This has been something we experienced in June, when the Third Sunday Market, an antique show in Bloomington, took place. 

I think we need to be more aware of what is going on around us, and adjust accordingly.  For instance, a reminder to myself for next year to look into advertising in anything to do with Heart of Illinois.  Especially reminding folks we have a nice, air conditioned store about 15 minutes away!

Live and learn.  Guess we can’t compete head to head with rides, live shows, and all the other attractions.  Unfortunately…it goes on until the 16th!  Time to get some cleaning done and relax.


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