Preparing for the weekend!

I have a good feeling about the store right now.  We had a great Thursday and perhaps it is leading up to another astonishing weekend! 

I must comment, that many folks have said something to the effect that Pekin would be a tough town in which to open an antique store.  But I’ve found the community support and interest to be as good as can be expected.  People are in the store almost all the time, sales don’t always reflect it…but then we’ve plenty of room for more vendors and perhaps we’re missing some antiquities which would have sold had we had them.

I would love to find antique dealers specializing in:  toys, tools, advertising and historical items.  We’re pretty strong on bric/brac and dishes.  Nothing wrong with that, but a good variety is certainly desirable.

I had an idea today that I intend to pursue.  Wedding Gift Registry!  I think between our website and our ability to print some great pictures…we might be able to offer a registry service.  Couples could come in and pick out items they would like, we could take pictures and perhaps post them on a page on our website.  Persons could then check out the page and chose a gift, call us to see if it is in the store and pay over the phone..we could set it aside until it is picked up.  Or, they could come in to purchase it.

I’m sure we could work out the details.  The thing is, an antique as a wedding gift makes sense.  It is an item which expresses a certain individuality of taste…it is obviously long lasting (not to mention an investment)…frankly, I think back to the six crock pots gifted after my first wedding, and maybe this might be an nice alternative way to go?  Hmmm, register at a “normal” retail store…and register with an antique store!  Thus, the special one of a kind items that a young couple might wait years to purchase could be given to them as gifts!

This is certainly something I think we could offer.


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