The five minute type anything that comes to mind experiment

This is going to turn out bad, what if I say something I shouldn’t?  Do typosmean I have to start over.  I make too many typos anyway, now I’m making more than usual!!!!  !!!! those are cool looking, hmmm, now what?  Why did the question mark get to be curved, I don’t trust it.  Stopped, why?  How does the brain work?  Does mine work like everyone elses…don’t   DON’T answer that Debi.  I should mow tonight, not gonna, hmmm, thinking of Debi and the idea of work comes up?

Paragraph, designed to give reader a break?  Or a way to make something look longer?  Caesar didn’t see it coming.  should have.  Cleopatra was a good movie and wasn’t Elizabeth Taylor hot back then!  I see a typo,going to ignore it.

Did they have antiques back thenin Egypt or was everything too new?  Ha, just thought of the answer, no they had old stuff.  So, were the first persons to recognize an antiquejust amazed?  “Hmmm, Grog, look..they used to make fire with sticks!!!  Haha, we got flint!”

Five minutes nearly up.  Thus, we come to an end of another valuable message regarding  though I should probably try to blame it on a different store.



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