Continuing to find new dealers

I counted five serious inquiries regarding display space today.  Expecting to sign up some tomorrow.  Our booths have been rented for about one week, and I’ve started a waiting list on them.

Customer traffic remained high, but sales were down a bit.  I believe we sold so much over the weekend that we’re a tad low on product.

Debi is back to work full time and her help, and company, will be missed.  I’m a one man show now until we get the store full and either take another great leap of faith and bring Debi in early, or we gain access to the next part of the building and expand in size.

I think that for the rest of the week I’ll concentrate on steamlining everything from getting foam wrap and bags…to grabbing vendor information sheets.  I expect the weekend will be busy again and I’m going to want to run things as smoothly as possible.

I wish the landlord would allow an antique store cat, I’ve four at home that would make great company.



2 thoughts on “Continuing to find new dealers

  1. It was one of the first things I asked the landlord about, Sandra. There's nothing like a cat when one needs to converse..they pretend to listen very well.They also like being given a list of chores, so they can laugh at the very idea that they are expected to do anything.

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