Saturday Afternoon….

Our Grand Opening weekend continues, and thisis my first chance to blog about it. 

A huge thank you to the Pekin Chamber of Commerce for the ribbon cutting, and to Pekin in general for the tremendous support we enjoyed beofer opening on our first official day!  This was, for those who missed it, a classic example of a town stepping up for one (or two) of its own!  Debi and I will never forget the turnout and kind words.  Even our honorable Mayor was here!

The turnout among customers followed, and if it is any clue…I mentioned this was my fist chance to blog.  What a great way to start a business!  We hope, and that is sincere, we HOPE to have presented a good store with qulity shopping and that everyone had fun.

Saw a smple of a gem stone found in our giveaway that was taken to “Treasures and More” to be made into jewelry.  They only spnet $5.00 and came away with tow nice necklaces…and better still, memories of having “discovered” the treasure themselves.  I hope we send many customers their way, as well as to the other great stores in Pekin.

Now, I need to sign off as I hear cars pulling up.  (Oh, my sis’s Betty’s book signing has gone well too…gotta go!)



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