We’ve got product in the store….

…that in the YEARS of shopping antiques I’ve never seen at prices I’m honestly shocked at!

I’ll be updating the website, hopefully if it works adding a new “furniture” page to the photo galleries tomorrow night.  Then I’ll post a simple add on craigslists all over the state, one a night, simply inviting folks to visit http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/

Ladies and gentleman, we are no longer in the minor leagues of antique stores…we are a serious power hitter and folks NEED to get to the store to see this stuff!!!!!!  I’m so stoked right now I, I’m telling ya…anyone, everyone…get down to the store and have a look!!!!!!!!!!  And it’s just going to get better in the next few days!


So we complete our first full month tomorrow

I can’t begin to express how excited I am!  Most of our dealers have done very well, and no one has not seen at least some movement of their product.  I am preparing the “newsletter”, where I will hilite many changes (for the good) coming in August for the store http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/ (supposed to put that in here once in awhile)  We’re further along at this point than I had hoped!

The only worry I have, is how to express my concern for the few who have not caught fire just yet.  Because the store is supposed to be about more than just making money for Debi and I, we set up the lease so that a dealer with slow sales could “catch up” on a following month without shelling out another month’s rent.  But, I do want to let one or two know that if they continue to lag…it may mean that either they change their “tactics”, or perhaps give it up at the end of August.

While were doing everything possible to build up a solid customer base as quick as we can, we are still new…August is (reputably) a slow month…and I am a bit concerned it may be tough to match July’s figures.  I suspect those that did very well will weather the month just fine…but those who have just managed some sales are likely going to be in a bit of trouble.

I do not relish the thought of counseling anyone to give it up.  But if it comes to that I will.  We’re a strong store, and have seen too many do well, how does one kindly tell someone they might just not have the product, the time, or the knack, to be a succesful dealer?  I don’t like this part of running the store…but it is for everyone’s good, those that succeed, and those that don’t.

Pekin Mainstreet Super Cruise

I’ve been reading about the events and planning involved in creating the “Super Cruise” weekend.  It took a great deal of work!  This is the thing about starting up “Spirit of the Past Antiques” as a one horse operation (two when Debi is available full-time) as much as I’m trying to stay up on events in Pekin, and want to get involved, I can’t be two places at once.

I sincerely hope that the Super Cruise is a great success and next year when there ARE two of us I plan to get involved and spend some time helping.  In the meantime, we’ll have the store open until 9pm and I guess hopefully the fliers I put out today and little bit of word of mouth from my business friends downtown will help let people know where we are.

Pekin Mainstreet Super Cruise 2011!

This Friday and Saturday expect 1,000 antique or vintage autos and 6,000 folks to be in Pekin!  We have decided to stay open until 9pm Friday and Saturday night!

Our location on Hwy 29 and so near Hwy 9 should be a big plus as these folks will be driving around town! 

Great way to cap off the Grand Opening month, it has been a very good success for almost all our dealers and ourselves.  We’re contacting every dealer available to bring any auto related items into the store.

Three new booths being stocked in August!

We have two dealers expanding and one new dealer moving in!  I just spent six hours remodeling to add two new booths.  As mentioned in a previous note…we now have ten!  All are rented.  I don’t have a clue how I could make another booth in the store..so folks will have to live with shelves.

Honestly, Debi and I don’t even have a booth, we rely on the shelves for our sales and we’re doing fine!  We love the flexability of the units, adjusting them to fit our product.  But then, we don’t sell big items so the shelves are a great fit for us.

Speaking of a great fit.  Check this out http://www.kramerize.com/ we are now the areas special dealer of Kramer Antique Restorer!!!!  They have rented display space and NOW..NOW…seriously NOW, antique buyers can make those special purchases look amazing!  Please go to the site…you won’t believe your eyes!

That’s the Spirit!!!!!


American Pickers!

Just a little test.  Something tells me if I put a well known name in the title section I’ll attract attention.

The real reason I’ve called you all here, is to tell you about “Spirit of the Past Antiques”.  We are just a little antique mall in Pekin, Illinois.  I’m told, we are a pretty neat store!  Please visit our website at http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/ for more information.

We just had two of our dealers expand!  We now have TEN booths, well, tomorrow we have TEN booths, right now I have the job to put together two more to go along with our existing eight booths..making the total TEN!

We also have forty shelf units and twelve locking display cases.  Not all of those are rented yet, but we have TEN booths rented!

Please visit the store, 215 N 5th street in Pekn, Illinois.  We are open 10-7 Tue-Sat and 12-5 Sunday!  We have TEN booths!  Someday, we will add a new addition onto our store…perhaps this fall, and we will have more than TEN booths!

Did I say we have TEN booths?  All rented.  Lots of neat stuff to buy!  And I’m told it is a very neat store.  I need to vacuum the floor tomorrow as well. 

Just concluded our live web chat!

I know, I should have posted about it on the blog…but I forgot.  If you missed it, we’re going to eventually have a copy on http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/

Thanks to the delightful interviewing skills of our vendor Cathy…the show went great!  Debi and I couldn’t be more thirlled about getting the word out about the store.  And I think the community of dealers are very lucky to have someone like Cathy stepping up for everyone! 

What touched me most, is when Cathy said she doesn’t get a feeling of “competition” at “Spirit of the Past Antiques”, it seems everyone is working together.  She is right!  We don’t have a single vendor who is only looking our for themselves.

Now for the good news…I know when I’ve stuck my face in front of people long enough.  There was talk of continuing conversations from the store…and I’m for that, but I’m no expert and I feel other dealers should have a chance to have some “face time”.  If we continue these, I invite any dealer interested to join the fun…and I will keep the lights on and hang out any night to help do these chats…but I am retiring from the internet spotlight.

I need to focus my barley controlled manic mania on face to face sales and keeping the effort to expand the information about the store going.  And it is the dealers who know their products!  After all, I can claim to have carefully laid out the floorplan along with Debi..but what is a shelf without something on it?

I think I’ll expand on some of my thoughts about the “Community of Vendors” in the monthly “Spirit of the Past Antiques” news letter…let’s do something special with this…those that have the time.  Maybe iantiques will want to stay involved, or maybe we’ll just make our own “specials” and put them up on the website?

Debi and I will be considering some ideas and passing them on.