Jello still creeps me out!

I know, our Grand Opening is tomorrow, and I should talk about that.  But, visit and you can get all the info on our new store that you need.

Right now, I am thinking about jello.  I don’t know why.  One moment ago I wasn’t.  And that, is how jello gets away with it, it is forgetably permanent!  Gets away with what?  Existing!  It doesn’t have anything flavor wise that can’t be reproduced in kool-aid, does it?  What the heck is it about the stuff?  It wiggles?

Before I go further, read this:

Alright, imagine this conversation, “Gee, Dad, the steak is still wiggling!”

“Yes, son, mighty fresh!”  Yeah, sure…it wiggles, great!

You can trap solid bits of food, like fruit, in it.  “Gee, Dad, sure glad we trapped that wiggling steak in the jello!”

“Yup, it can’t get away now son!”

Ever see the movie, “The Blob?”  But aside from that.  I didn’t read the history of jello either…so don’t feel bad if you skipped that part.  But it leaves me wondering, just who was picked to eat the stuff first? 

So, come to the Grand Opening of “Spirit of the Past Antiques”…no jello.



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