Busy day!

The last booth is rented.  A very nice lady came in, she and her husband have years of accumulation and feel it is time to let some things find a new home.  I believe this will be a common theme at http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/  With our one month lease, and simple systems to rent display space, word is getting around that for a small fee folks can control the sell of their own items.

These aren’t dealers, but folks who prefer to let go at their own pace, avoiding an auction later.  They can bring in vintage and antique items and all have been more than understanding that we can’t sell everything…but the right things.

Even compared to an add in the paper, our prices aren’t much higher for an entire month!  And what I like most is that all these fine people, and this is the third I’ve signed up this way, plan to sell for a few months, and then will take what hasn’t sold and find a new avenue to liquidate.  It will keep our inventory fresh.

Along that note, and I don’t know if anyone else has tried this but I think it is a great idea, I signed up a fine young lady who does estate sales.  She has brought in three shelf units (15 shelves, 120 sq ft.) of merchandise from her last sale.  Instead of calling it quits after three days, she and the homeowners have agreed to a split of the sales, and she will allow us to sell the merchandise for a month!  We all win, the homeowners have longer to liquidate, she can earn money, and I earn money on the display space rental!

I watched what she brought in, and all fits the criteria of 30 years old or older…except for a few collectable pieces which I am not ashamed to display.  And once again, the merchanise has a shelf life before it is removed…keeping things…FRESH!

As we do this, I believe my estate sale lady will continue to rent shelves from other estates.

The one thing that concerns me, is keeping the store at a comfortable level of antique and vintage items.  At this point, it is looking pretty good.  I’ve seen much, much worse, and we are nowhere near what I would call a flea market.  In fact, I think we are turning into a pretty nice antique store!

With some exceptions.  Our photographer brought in some new artwork recently.  I was looking at some of her new work and was just stunned…wonderful!  We also brought in some books from a couple of local authors, to go with my sisters book which we will stock.  She is joining us for our Grand Opening and will be signing her books in the store!

So, our concept of Antiques, Artisans and Amazing Things continues to take shape!  I’m a little tired tonight, feeling good though, and can’t express how excited I am for the Grand Opening.



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