I’ve received some outstanding news!

As our preparations for the Grand Opening Weekend of July 1st thru 3rd continue, we had a most pleasant surprise!

My sister Betty, a published author, is coming to town for the opening and we have added a book signing to the events that weekend!  I’m not sure the times, or days, just yet, but Betty has been traveling the Midwest doing signings at bookstores, and we are lucky to have an opportunity to have her help us celebrate the beginning of the store!

Betty’s first book, “Is it Yet Tomorrow” began circulation last spring and has enjoyed critical success.  It is a semi-accurate account of the young life of our mother, who faced many challenges growing up, even surviving, as a little girl.  Betty is currently working on  a sequel, and persons I know who have read the book are anxious to see where she takes the story next.

Along with our antique dealers and artisans, it is neat to have Betty come in and combine her craft with the many fine products we have available. 

We’re constantly updating the website, http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/ and interested parties can view some new photos that we added last night.

Plans for the Grand Opening still include free samples of gem mine ore from Rose Creek Mine in North Carolina, snacks, drinks, and a ribbon cutting with the Pekin Chamber of Commerce at 9:30 am Friday July 1st!  It is turning into an eventful three days, and I’m sure everyone will have a great time!

All I can add is, “That’s the Spirit!



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