Tuesday and the second week starts!

I picked up a third spinning wheel today before opening the store!  All three are nice antiques, and when I placed them together on display it was visually stunning.  Been telling people that ask that I’m planning to start a yarn spinning “club”.

I arrived at the store about an hour early and did some cleaning and organizing.  I have found a nice way to take pictures and while some have made it to the website, http://www.spiritofthepastantiques.com/ many more are on the way.  A new video as well.

When I opened, the rush of people started.  We were busy all day, one customer responded to the Craigslist ad I placed and purchased a vintage Barbie, then went on to purchase more items from two other vendor booths.  It is the exact response I was hoping for with the ads..to get people in and then let the store do the selling.  I know she was happy with her finds, and I hope she will become a regular customer.

We are down to one booth left to rent.  Two more dealers set up today, the store is looking good.  I also rented a shelving unit and had many inquiries about rental space.

I also started something new I’m calling “Bundle Bundle Bundle”.  If a customer buys an item with a “Spirit of the Past Antiques” tag (those are our own items) I’m offering to take 20% off the price in immediate store credit towards the purchase of anything else in the store!  I had one customer take advantage of it today, they bought a $25.00 item of ours…and then picked out a $5.00 item from another dealer.  I took $5.00 off my item and they got both for 25.00!

It isn’t really a discount so to speak…as $25.00 was still spent.  It is just a way to share sales with the dealers…which of course is my #1 job, to help the dealers get their products sold.  So, it cuts into my markup…no big deal.

Comments about the store are still very positive, one person commented on the cleanliness of the bathrooms, which was very appreciated…it isn’t a fun job.  Others mentioned the good lighting, the easy to navigate aisles, no complaints!  It was also fun to see the dealers setting up before the Grand Opening Weekend.

One sad note, well, two.  We had a tree “limb” break and damage our roof this morning.  I was at the store and it scared the folks at home pretty bad.  But, that’s what insurance is for and repairs are commencing already.  And, I met someone who is from my hometown and we chatted for quite awhile.  Sadly, he’d recently lost a good friend from there..and it turned out to be someone who attended my first wedding, went to my church, and was a family friend of my parents.  I felt tears coming as we talked, tried to hide it.  the thought of so many folks gone from my hometown, I felt the many days that have passed since I was a child weighing on me.

I can keep these precious objects from our past safe until they find a good home…but I can’t stop the hands of time and the loss of those who were a part of my own past.   



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