A kitten shows up at our door

A sign, cats are pretty smart about finding good sources of food, shelter, and servants…I mean, owners.  No, servants.

As I was sitting in the store on a slow day, which is going to happen for awhile no matter much of a hurry I’m in, I received a phone call.  Step-daughter Jen, visiting from California, has captured a kitten in need of a home.  We have three cats already, and recently Debi and I determined that three are enough.

Our local shelter was kind enough to offer to take the kitten, after a two month waiting list.  For a shelter, that’s pretty good.  As I said, cats are pretty smart about finding, etc,etc, and the shelter must have a very good reputation among cats to enjoy such full capacity use!  Now, don’t tell me the cats didn’t mean to go there, it is a good place, a no-kill shelter and I’ve seen it.  If I were a cat, well, I can only hope to attain such a high rank, but if I were a cat I wouldn’t mind three hots and a cot at our shelter! 

But here was this kitten that had obviously determined it wanted to live in our home.  Simply showing up at the door would never have earned it welcome.  We know cats, we know what they are up to, we know about their rears forcing us to move at night so they can take the best part of the bed.  We know they wait until we get up to take the warmest cushion on the couch, and pretend to not understand they should move when we return.

So what does this kitten do to gain entrance into the home?  It picks on Jen and her children.  The soft hearted persons who have no concern if Dan and Debi already have three cats, or thirty!  And it coils its way into those soft hearts and thru them finds itself in our home and watching as they do its dirty work.  Can it stay?  Can it stay?  Can it stay?

No, of course it can.  The battle was lost when the phone rang.  But, I put as much effort into sounding determined to say no as I could.  So later when someone complains that it just stole their pork chop, or a ring went missing just after the cat walked by, or we get cold at night in the winter because now we have four cats to cover up the vents…well, I can claim I never wanted it in the first place.

But, I did, I always do, because no matter how tough I try to act, I’m excited to watch the antics of another bigshot in the house, despite knowing it puts the rest of us still lower on the list of who is really in charge.

Besides, like I said, cats are pretty smart about finding good sources of food, shelter, etc, etc, and if the kitten thinks our house is going to be a good place to live..even with us starting up “Spirit of the Past Antiques”, even if it is a slow day at the store, I guess it’s a good sign.  The cat seems to think things are going to work out pretty good!  And cats are smart about things like that.

I hope things work out quickly…because I would like to earn some money so I can send step-daughter Jen from California a cat or two a month for a couple years, just spread the love around.




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