Improvements to the services at "Spirit of the Past Antiques"

First of all, a continued shout out to our dealer,  I want to keep the spotlight on this photographer all week.  Customers at the store have been very impressed with her work.  She’s from the area and I hope local shoppers will support her as she establishes herself in her profession.  We display her “Visually Vintage Modern Photography” at our location.  Items are all signed works by the artist.

Readers may also want to check out the new photos at  We continue to sign new dealers every week, and we’ve been fortunate to add some very specialized dealers of antiques and vintage items.  Just to mention a few, we have pieces from a longtime collector of local milk bottles.  Many are quite rare, and readers with an interest in these items should not miss the chance to stop in to see them.  As it is said, the time to buy an antique is when you see it, and as rare as these are…that time is asap.

Along that same thought, just yesterday we added a large collection of vintage dolls from the seventies!  These do not come from a dealer, but like the milk bottles from a longtime collector who has chosen to let some dolls find new homes.  Among the dolls are vintage 70’s “Star Wars” dolls, “Harley Davidson” Barbies, Elvis dolls, a very hard to find European (Austria) Barbie that was not sold in the U.S., and many more too numerous to mention.

And, we have a gentleman who restores antique pocket and mantle clocks!  His work is first rate and to provide example of his commitment…he includes a detailed instruction sheet for transportation and setting of his clocks!  Such attention to detail can only be evidenced by the fact that on that instruction sheet he includes his own Email!  That kind of honest intent to stand behind his craftsmanship is rare these days and deserves mention.  Look for his sign above his display “Right on Time”.

Not forgetting our other dealers, we’ve experienced and new vendors in items of antiquity.  Together, everyone provides a diverse and delightful opportunity for any shopper to find something of interest!  There a more collections such as Shawnee pottery, Fenton glass, and others…one just has to come into the store to see them all!

I mentioned improvements in our services.  We acquired some wagon wheels and other items to display outside our building.  It isn’t much, but the store looks better and rather than be a big surprise (we don’t want to have to be the book you can’t tell by it’s cover) we’d like to give a little clue before entering to customers to be prepared for a great experience!  The bland white look of the walls has been improved.

We are also going to start advertising select pieces on Craigslist, beginning Tuesday morning.  These items are chosen by their quality and by the economical pricing being offered by our dealers.  At least one a day, not only to give that item another avenue towards finding a home…but to create another method to offer persons information about the store and the products within.

We are less than two weeks from our Grand Opening Weekend of July 1st thru July 3rd.  We’ve just completed our first week of being open, and sales have been better than expected, new dealer interest and commitments are growing.  Though things are going great, I am by nature an impatient person, and will seek every avenue available to provide excellent service to my vendors, and to the retail customers that enter the store.  On that note, we have new ads that have just come out (American Classifieds) or are about to be released (Treasure Map and special Grand Opening announcements in the Pekin Daily Times)

Tomorrow, I will visit several local stores with intent to share goodwill between us and expand our network of communication within the community.  Word of mouth is important, and we are not on a secret mission…we want people to know about us!  In that light, readers, if you can pass the word along about us, it would be appreciated and the more business we have, the more dealers we find, the better we can serve everyone!

That’s the Spirit!


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