Hello, my name is Dan

This feels a little odd starting a diary of sorts of events at “Spirit of the Past Antiques”.  So, let me start our by saying I’m just an ordinary guy who happens to enjoy historical research, and of course that includes a lifelong love of antique and vintage items.  When I see them, or hold them in my hand, I can’t help but feel a connection with persons from the past….from yesterday, to long ago.

We all come from somewhere, maybe we all kind of come from the same place?  Family, friends, strangers, folks we knew, or could have, and those who passed before we arrived.  The objects they leave behind feel like notes, clues, or maps, to how we have arrived at where we are today…and maybe to some of the paths we’ve taken to get here which have become overgrown and forgotten.

The items in our store, surround me with stories.  I look at the spinning wheel on one shelf and realize that someone used that to make thread, to fix clothes.  It wasn’t just an old spinning wheel to them, but an essential tool.  I look elsewhere, and see glass dated to the depression, and wonder what food stuffs filled the plate, if at all.  Were the greens and pinks, even the glistening, light catching patterns of the clear…a way to brighten those hard years of small portions?

I am surrounded, indeed, by the spirit of the past, and not just because that is the name of our store.  The store gets its name because of it…in a way.  But, rather than a haunted, sad feeling…I am lifted by the thought that I am a member of this community of strangers who’s objects have gathered in this one place.  People who came before, people like me who came after…still sharing our objects and in a sense touching hands through these items…in a society that breaks through barriers of time.

It is an honor, to me, actually, to be among these relics.  Whether they be expensive collectibles or just simple, common old rusty items.  I see them as like survivors of the traps of callous care and landfills, the gritty few who lasted to tell their story, and the stories of those beings who once used them.

Well, I guess I’ve rattled on long enough.  I hope I’ve described the reason I am here, in the store.  In short, these precious orphan items need someone to take care of them until they find a good home.  And that is why I am here.  That’s it for today, June 17th


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